Dearest friends and admirers,

When was first conceived, my initial reaction was that it seemed a very arrogant endeavor. I have been sharing my artwork on the internet since the first version of went live in 1996. I was delighted when my visitors doubled, then tripled, but now Painted Lady's traffic base has become cost-prohibitive to sharing my entire library. Additionally, an unfortunate side effect has become the rampant theft and abuse of my images for non-licensed sale and non-permission manipulation.

Over time, I've had to remove features from Painted Lady like high-resolution images, early adult illustrations, and studies due to bandwidth concerns. The number of people that visit Painted Lady each day, individuals that illegally hot-link to images, etc., all make it unreasonably expensive to keep all of my work freely available. If you have been a fan over time, you have watched these disappear in an effort to minimize hosting costs.

Painted Lady Gallery will continue. It will showcase those of my pieces that are currently available for purchase, as well as a selection of traditional favorites and my ever-popular Eroticards. The Member's Only Gallery should be considered a supplement to, not a replacement for Painted Lady. is a response to those patrons of my work that want the extra features available to them and have expressed that they are willing to pay a moderate fee for this privilege. As such, it affords me the opportunity to re-instate high-resolution detail views and provide a great deal of material that are no longer on the public site. Because of the cost associated with joining, I also offer discounts on prints and original works to members.

This is hardly a money-making venture, but merely a way to supplement bandwidth costs and still be able to share my library of work. The fees associated with joining are far below what you would consider to pay for customary Fine Art Photography, Erotica, and Pin-Up member sites. Additionally, I've put a great deal of effort into all-new perks such as sharing some of the inspiration and history behind certain works and an area for works in progress that has never been feasible on Painted Lady for image integrity reasons.

A member-moderated site also provides my webmaster and myself with some control over who can link to images and safeguards against bandwidth theft as well as copyright infringement. We cannot police the Internet, but we can execute some responsible safety precautions.

I like to think that between Painted Lady and the new Member's Only Gallery, a happy medium has been presented for all those wishing to share the journey of my work with me.

Warm Regards,

Jack Henslee


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